Monday, September 6, 2010

Soapers Unite!

Sooo, I did my 1st festival today in my hometown of South Holland. I was nervous all weekend as I prepared for this event, and the stress was unreal! Keep in mind I'm the Matron of Honor in my best friend's wedding which is around the corner and I'm hosting the bacchlorette party. Oh did I mention that I'm making the soap favors for both events? Yeah, so you can see why I was so stressed, not to mention recent stress on the job!

Well September 6th finally came. No I didn't make a huge profit but I did break even, and I was very satisfied with that! I met a new soaper friend. Her booth was set up directly across from mine. At first I thought, oh no, they placed to soapers near each other, no fair! By me being a newbie, I was a little intimidated, but I shook it off and went over to chat with her. Next thing you know, she was helping arrange my product display to attract more customers and we were trading tidbits with one another!

Finally I have a soaper companion who lives only minutes away! This is something I had been searching for! We both talked about going to the soaper's convention next year in Miami that the Soap Guild hosts. Hopefully we can go together!

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